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FQPID  is licensed and fully insured for painting and general contracting in south Jersey. My experienced crew and I can provide any type of painting finish. I like to meet with my clients and listen to what they want. We proudly use the quality brand of Sherwin Williams, MAB and Benjamin Moore. We found these brands to produce superior quality. The use of quality brands enables us to create the best results for your desired projects. Often, we find that selecting the higher quality brands results in needing fewer coats of paint


and has longer lasting results/finishes than lower quality brands, if you are concerned about the paint smell? we will accommodate this particular concern along with your other needs and wishes. Manufactures are reducing the amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in their products. The VOC level is listed on the paint can. If you desire a particular brand of paint, we will accommodate any brand requested. Please contact us to discuss your project today and/ or for a free quote.


Custom Interior and Exterior Painting * Brush Roll and Spray * Power Washing * Drywall Repairs and Finishing * Decorative Services * Wallpaper Removal * Acoustic Ceilings * Staining * Waterproofing * Carpentry * Basement Remodeling * Drywall Contractor * Commercial Painter * Schools * Hospitals * Medical Buildings * Warehouses * Apartments * Stores * House Painter
Residential Painter * Interior Painting * Exterior Painting * Gutter Cleaning and Paint and More ยป

Interior Decorating

Need some assistance with interior decorating? well look no further .FQPID (French's Quality Painting & Interior Decorating) is ready to assist you. With our uniqueness and ability to see and hear our clients, we make sure that every client is happy and satisfied with a job well done. FQPID offers our customers freshness, uniqueness, beauty and class.You can't go wrong with FQPID. Call us today at (856) 889-9926 it will be our pleasure to serve and work with you.


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